The restaurant the océanite situated within the village proposes you a simple, family and friendly cooking has price lists very affordable this of 19 hours at 9:00 pm. You can take the continental breakfast as well as the dinner there.

The breakfast served of 7:30 am at 9:30 am is in the 12€ price list by adults and of 9€ for the less than 10-year-old children, that this understands: a hot drink, a decanter of fruit juice, some bread, some jam, some butter, the pound cake or flavored cake, pancakes, a plate of fruits, yoghurts or cottage cheese

The dinner is when to him is served of 19 hours at 9:00 pm.




  • Salad of smoked fish 13€(Salad, tomato, onions, toasts of smoked fish and soft white cheese,)
  • Salad with hot goat cheese in the honey 11€ (Salad, tomato, onion, toasts of hot goat cheese coated with breadcrumbs in the honey, the honey)·
  • Creole Salad 11€ (Salad, tomato, onion, chiquetaille of cod, accras, hot pepper)·
  • Salad of fish terrine 11€ (Salad, tomato, onion, chiquetaille of cod, accras, hot pepper)


  • Rib steak 21€·
  • Paved of sea bream wipe chorizo 17€ ·
  • Tartar of Tuna in the pineapple 15€


  • Pancake to the salmon 12€ (Pancake of buckwheat, salmon, onions, cream, cheese)·
  • Pancake completes 10€ (Pancake of buckwheat, Ham, egg, cheese)·
  • Pancake of christophine
  • ( Pancake of buckwheat, flesh-coloured of christophine, onion, lardon, cream, cheese)

The desserts:

  • Chocolate fondant, scoop of vanilla ice cream. 7 €-
  • Foam has the pineapple 6€
  • Custard tart coconut, scoop of ice cream rum grape 6,5€-
  • Colonel in the rum 5€
  • Ice cream (The ball) 1,5€



It is recommended to reserve your table to guarantee the possibility of having dinner. The restaurant proposes also to order 24 hours in advance " baskets picnic " for noonin the 16€ price list. at this consists of a salad in the choice and a dessert, (custard tart coconut r chocolate fondant)


Opening hours

Breakfast: every day from 7:30 am till 9:30 am.
Dinner: from 7:00 am till 9:00 am

Marie- Galante :


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